The new edition of the European Biotechnology Congress to be held in Dublin (Ireland) last September has finally been held in virtual format. Tania Tato, manager of BLUEBIOLAB, presented on September 27 a talk entitled “The BLUEBIOLAB – Potential of cooperation in Marine Biotechnology for the Blue Growth Strategy”. During thirty minutes the capacities of the BLUEBIOLAB cross-border consortium in the field of marine biotechnology in Galicia and North of Portugal were exposed. It has been highlighted that the transboundary laboratory also focuses its efforts on communicating the great value of the marine resources of the Atlantic Ocean to our citizens and seeks in the future cooperation that involves more countries and the private sector, taking advantage of the value of public-private partnerships. In addition, our catalog of resources has been exhibited, which includes more than 30 services and 120 first-class equipment available in research facilities in the north of Portugal and the Galicia region. The laboratory currently has a total of 38 researchers and 26 research groups participating in the project focused on the three priority areas of research that are: biotechnology and aquaculture, the development of new bioactive compounds and marine biomaterials, and the use of omic technologies to better understand marine biodiversity. The laboratory also offers the recruitment and cross-border training of new researchers and promotes their mobility between the research centers of the Euroregion.