Last Monday, June 14, the Aquaculture Institute of the University of Santiago de Compostela hosted the 4th follow-up meeting of the BLUEBIOLAB Transfrontier Marine Biotechnology Laboratory, coordinated by the Campus del Mar of the University of Vigo.

The event brought together 26 people belonging to the consortium, consisting of 7 entities from Galicia and the north of Portugal (Universities of Vigo, A Coruña, Santiago and Minho, Institute of Marine Research – Higher Council for Scientific Research, Spanish Institute of Oceanography and Interdisciplinary Center of Marine and Environmental Research – CIIMAR).

It should be noted that to date the consortium has organized six training courses focused on the laboratory’s three priority research lines (biotechnology and aquaculture, use of omics technologies to understand marine biodiversity, and the search for biomaterial and bioactive compounds), adding more than 48 hours of training and 128 students trained. In recent months, BLUEBIOLAB researchers have advanced in collaborative projects and carried out five researcher mobility between partner institutions.

In July, Dr. Carlos A. Canchaya, from the Phylogenetics and Biomedicine group at the University of Vigo, will give the 14-hour course “High-Throughput Sequencing Technologies (HTS): Possibilities, requirements, limitations and their applications in genomics and transcriptomics” in September, the Center for Advanced Research (CICA) of the University of A Coruña will organize the 25-hour “Advanced Structural Determination” course.

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